Das Zentrum für Steuerwettbewerb erforscht die Auswirkungen eines lebendigen Wettbewerbs der Steuersysteme und eines effektiven Schutzes der finanziellen Privatsphäre für die individuelle Freiheit und die Eigentumssicherung.

Richard Rahn

  • Attack on the Free

    Under the Obama administration, the United States has become the biggest single financial imperialist and oppressor of global economic freedom.

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  • Learning from What Works

    The Swiss and other lower-tax states provide the necessary competition to keep the high-tax states from totally oppressing their citizens.

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  • In Defense of Tax Havens

    Tax protectionism should be rejected because it is at least as destructive to economic growth and job creation as are tariffs on goods and services.

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  • Halting global tax tyranny

    Should the U.N. be able to tax you? Over the last several years, officials at the U.N. and other international organizations have been hatching schemes to directly tax the world's people.

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  • Best for Business

    Which countries do you think have the best business environments?

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